Potential uses of Medical Marijuana in San Diego

Potential uses of Medical Marijuana in San Diego

The potential benefits from the use of medical marijuana in San Diego are significant. Many medical marijuana uses are well known as safe and effective, making it a popular treatment option in San Diego. More cannabis specialty clinics with physicians who recommend medical marijuana have established themselves in San Diego. There are also more medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego that provide medicinal cannabis legally to any patient with a medical marijuana recommendation from a state licensed physician.

Medical marijuana treatment has shown itís significant potential as a remedy for many patients who are not satisfied with the drugs they get from pharmaceutical companies. This why pharmaceutical companies always oppose medical marijuana initiatives despite the overwhelming support for these initiatives that allow medical marijuana in many states. Pharmaceutical companies are opposed because of the obscene profits they get from selling their toxic substances that have proven to be less effective and more dangerous than medicinal cannabis. Marijuana is one of the least toxic and safest treatment options available to many patients who suffer from a variety of symptoms.

The potential benefit of medical marijuana treatment for Multiple Sclerosis patients in San Diego is promising. These patients in San Diego can get relief from muscle spasms, seizures, depression and neuropathy. Medical marijuana treatment in San Diego also has potential for use as an anti-inflammatory agent and medical marijuana has antioxidant properties. Medical marijuana also has potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders.

In a free society the use of cannabis as medicine should not be illegal. Because of propaganda that portrayed cannabis as an evil weed marijuana was outlawed in the 1930ís and only now is this changing. The voting public now supports medical marijuana and full legalization is coming soon. Medical marijuana in most cases is the least toxic drug for patients to use. There are many potential benefits for San Diego as medical marijuana becomes more accepted. The potential tax benefits from allowing medical marijuana in San Diego cannot be ignored. As Medical marijuana use becomes more widespread there will be significant tax benefits for San Diego.

San Diego county officials must acknowledge that medical marijuana clinics that recommend medicinal cannabis are practicing medicine in a legal manner and are recognized as such by the government. The medical marijuana recommendations they provide are good treatment option for their patients. San Diego patients are entitled to receive any treatment that is safe and effective, and medical marijuana meets this criteria. It would be immoral to deny medical marijuana to any patient that has seen their doctor of choice who recommends medical marijuana as a treatment option for them.