Medical Marijuana Usage and Vaporizers in San Diego

Medical marijuana treatment in San Diego has become extremely popular and many patients are choosing This new and effective treatment option. Medical marijuana doctors in San Diego now have the research that shows many new uses for medical marijuana. However many law enforcement officials, politicians and health professionals still contend that smoking marijuana is bad therapy because the act of smoking is harmful. That argument does not consider the fact that many medical marijuana patients do not smoke marijuana.

Medical marijuana treatment is safer for those who choose vaporization as the delivery method of their medical grade marijuana. However there are many medicinal cannabis vaporizers that are not compliant with medical vaporizer health issues. Medical professionals in San Diego believe in a healthier alternative to smoking medical marijuana. Vaporization technology allows medical marijuana patients to receive the benefits of medicinal cannabis with lowered risk of lung cancer. A vaporizer does not burn the medical marijuana but rather it heats it to a point where the active ingredient is vaporized. This allows medical marijuana patients in San Diego to consume the medicinal component of marijuana, THC, without inhaling any smoke. It also allows patients to avoid inhaling the tars that they would inhale if they smoked medical marijuana. The tars that are inhaled when smoking marijuana do not have any medicinal value.

Another way medical marijuana patients in San Diego consume medicinal cannabis is to cook it. There are many different methods for cooking marijuana. One is to mix the marijuana into butter and then slow cook it. This produces marijuana butter which can then be used to make cookies or cake or anything that uses butter. It is a very popular way to consume medical marijuana in San Diego. and again since there is no smoke there is no harmful effect on a patients lungs.

There are other ways besides smoking for patients to get medical marijuana treatment. The argument that medicinal cannabis is not legitimate medicine because smoking it is harmful is not a valid argument. All drugs have some side effects and cannabis is no different. Smoking medical marijuana will result in some potentially harmful side effects but it still is a legitimate treatment option. The truth is many patients choose medical marijuana treatment in San Diego because it works and a significant portion of medical marijuana patients do not smoke it.