Medical Marijuana Concerns in San Diego

The disinformation campaign that has been waged against marijuana for 60 years is primarily responsible for the concerns that exist about allowing legal access to medical marijuana in San Diego. There are many concerns about medical marijuana that have been propagated by this disinformation campaign. Most of these concerns have been disproved by the extensive research and testing of medical marijuana use that has been conducted around the world. The truth is medicinal cannabis has proved to be an effective and safe treatment option for many patients here in San Diego and throughout the world. It is also true that marijuana has been used as medicine for over 3000 years and nobody has ever died from using it.

One of the most common concerns about legalizing medical marijuana treatment is the belief that marijuana is a gateway drug. There is no clinical data to support the belief that using medical marijuana leads to the use of other more dangerous drugs. The fact that marijuana is illegal and marijuana laws are so vigorously enforced creates a criminal element that supplies the drug to anyone who can afford it. This is the same criminal element that traffics in other more dangerous illegal drugs and this connects marijuana users to the illegal drug trade. This is the gateway effect that causes concern about making medical marijuana legal. Now that medical marijuana is accepted and available there is no evidence that medicinal cannabis use leads to the use of other more dangerous drugs.

Another concern is that allowing medical marijuana treatment will send the wrong message to young people and increase drug use among children. Statistics have shown that in states with laws allowing medical marijuana treatment there has mot been an increase in drug use among young people. It should be possible to regulate marijuana much the same as we regulate other medicinal drugs and enforce existing laws that are aimed at keeping drugs away from underage citizens.

There is also some concern that medical marijuana has dangerous and addictive side effects. There are even some studies that support these theories but many more studies have been done that have refuted these theories. All drugs have some side effects and medical marijuana has some side effects, primarily concerned with short term memory loss. The clinical data has not shown that medical marijuana has any dangerous or deadly side effects. There is also no evidence that medical marijuana use in San Diego is addictive. The truth is that medical marijuana use in San Diego is less dangerous than most of the prescription medicines that many patients are taking now.

Another concern about medical marijuana in San Diego relates to smoking it. It is true that smoking marijuana much like smoking tobacco is harmful to the lungs and can contribute to respiratory ailments. It is also true that smoking one or two joints a day of medical grade cannabis is far less harmful than smoking one or two packs of cigarettes a day. It is also true that there is no proven connection between smoking marijuana and lung cancer. Many of those who oppose the medical marijuana movement do not acknowledge the fact that many medical marijuana doctors in San Diego promote using medicinal cannabis without smoking it. The best medical marijuana doctors also provide a prescription to the FDA approved drug marinol, a THC synthetic, to their patients in San Diego. Medical marijuana doctors should explain all available safe methods for consuming medicinal cannabis to any patient seeking medical marijuana treatment as well as including a marinol prescription with a medical marijuana recommendation.

Accordingly some studies have shown that medical marijuana treatment can cause a reduction in testosterone levels in men. There is conflicting evidence about this but it is a possible side effect. This side effect can easily be overcome with hormone therapy. A qualified medical marijuana doctor in San Diego should be able to provide hormone therapy to any patient that receives a medical marijuana recommendation.

Other concerns about medical marijuana treatment deal with an increased tendency of mental disorders among patients who use medicinal cannabis. Again there is conflicting data about this possible side effect but even in the studies that showed an increased tendency there was a relatively insubstantial increase.

The concerns that many law enforcement officials have are not based in fact. They have a distorted view of society and believe that marijuana should be illegal because of the criminal element that they see trafficking in it. Ending the prohibition of marijuana will have much the same effect as ending the prohibition of alcohol. The drug traffickers that are able to profit from the marijuana trade will no longer exist. Some say that law enforcement groups like the prison guard union do not want marijuana to be legal because it would reduce the need for prisons and therefore reduce their job security. The DEA also needs marijuana to be illegal to help justify their existence.

All drugs have some side effects but medical marijuana in San Diego is less toxic and less dangerous then most other drugs. Medical marijuana doctors in San Diego are able to provide a treatment to their patients that is effective and safe. The claims that law enforcement groups make against medical marijuana are based primarily on their need to justify their salaries and do not address the needs of patients.